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Varde Ovne Stoves

Varde Ovne Stoves
Varde Ovne contemporary stoves are designed and manufactured in Denmark. The Danes are known for their harsh winters so you can rest assured that your Varde Ovne stove will cope well with cold climates. Varde Ovne stoves are designed to burn wood in a clean, environmentally friendly manner and are equipped with double combustion systems and powerful airwashes.
Varde Ovne stoves are stylish, created to unite quality, function and Scandinavian design. With a Varde Ovne stove, your home has a warm and elegant focal point for years to come. Their stoves are easy to use and you get the most out of your wood fuel.

Varde Ovne are passionate about making a product that functions well, and that is produced from high-quality raw materials and with an elegant design. They strive continually to improve their products so that you will not find a stove that is easier or simpler to use than a Varde Ovne.

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Varde Ovne Stove 2It has to be a Varde Ovne stove

Varde Ovne has been producing woodburning stoves for a very long time, since the days when wood-burning stoves were mostly used in holiday homes. Varde Ovne have been one of the leading players in developing new, high-efficiency stoves that are now a natural focal point in any home. This means that there is now a Varde Ovne stove in a great many homes, not only in Denmark, but also in Southern Europe and the other Scandinavian countries.

Varde Ovne is widely recognised for making stoves that provide the full benefit of the work they put into turning trees into logs ready for burning. Of course, it has to be a Varde Ovne stove ...but which one? Varde Ovne have developed a wide range of wood-burning stoves. Most of their stoves are available in different design variations.

Varde Ovne believe that a good wood-burning stove should become the focus in your home in the cold winter months. It should be an attractive addition to your home décor and it must be easy to use so that you have no hesitation but to light it as soon as you can. They want you to be just as proud of your new Varde Ovne stove as we are.

When you buy a Varde Ovne stove, you are assured of:
• Stylish Scandinavian design
• High quality and innovative functions
• A wide range of stoves to choose from, and a tailor-made solution for your home
• A heating solution that is CO2 neutral
• Easy to light and remove ash
• Optimum utilisation of fuel

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Download Varde Ovne Stove Brochure

Varde Ovne Brochure
Varde Ovne Brochure

When you heat your home with wood, you are in close contact with nature. Fell a tree, and then stack the wood to allow it to dry. Bring logs indoors, light your stove and enjoy the heat that permeates the room. This is a truly valuable way of exploiting nature’s gifts. This is why Varde Ovne has always been devoted to utilising our natural resources with care and respect.

All Varde Ovne stoves are carbon neutral and highly efficient. The wood absorbs just as much CO2 while it grows in its natural environment as it emits when it is burned in a Varde Ovne stove, which means that you do not contribute to global warming when using a Varde Ovne stove.

Nordic Eco LabelVarde Ovne was the first manufacturer of wood-burning stoves in the world to meet the strict requirements to the much coveted Nordic Ecolabel. The standard has stringent requirements for combustion efficiency and particle and hydrocarbon emissions. To qualify to carry the Nordic Ecolabel a stove must not contain any heavy metals.

The charm of a good wood-burning stove is the live flames and the cosy heating it provides. It is the joy of a stack of wood for a long winter full of cosy times indoors. And it is the inconvenience that the stoves only provide heating when lit. Varde Ovne has a number of different solutions for retaining heat long after the fire has gone out.
View our range of Varde Ovne Stoves

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