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Broseley Stove Brochure 2019Broseley is named after the village in the heart of England where the family business was born nearly fifty years ago. Nearby the 18th century iron masters forged the Industrial Revolution – a fitting origin for a company that uses traditional skills to build stoves in stout cast iron and sturdy steel to stand the test of time.

They also withstand the scientific tests required to meet the highest national and European standards of quality, safety and environmental performance. Broseley's technical team also strives to balance innovation with craftsmanship.

There is nothing you could add to your home that will make a more welcome difference than a Broseley stove. Just the sight of the shimmering embers and bright flames will make you especially glad to be home. Then feel the warmth filling the room, and relax in style. Your Broseley stove provides more than a cosy centrepiece to your living space. Fashioned in either cast iron or steel, it is an object of singular beauty in itself.

Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or your own personal mixture; there’s a stove to match from the Broseley collection. Nobody offers a wider choice of woodburning, multifuel, electric or gas stoves in solid cast iron or steel.

Broseley Evolution Stove Brochure 2019The stove you love with the fuel you prefer
Some favourite stove designs give you the opportunity to choose whichever fuel works best for your home and matches your lifestyle.

The Multi-Fuel way
What you see through the stove window is a natural fire and what you feel throughout the room is soft radiant heat. These stoves are the highest in heat output and green credentials in the Broseley range, and so efficient most are approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

The Gas way
The gas fired range of stoves combine ease of control with enough output to heat a room effectively thanks to the sturdy construction and the efficiency of the burners. And those flames you see coaxing the coals or logs into a blaze – they’re real.

The Electric way
The stove in its most convenient form – that’s the electric option. Summon up heat at the touch of a button; or simply enjoy the flickering, realistic flame effect if the weather’s warm or the central heating is on. There’s no need for a flue. It can be installed instantly.

Broseley multifuel stoves hold energy efficiency class (EEC) ratings of A+ & A, making them top of their class when it comes to reducing your carbon footprint. Ecodesign Ready is the European-wide programme to lower emissions and will be in force in the UK from 2022. Here at Broseley, we are investing heavily developing multifuel stoves that comply with the new Ecodesign Ready programme.

Broseley now have Ecodesign Ready stoves such as the Hereford Widescreen in production 3 years in advance of the deadline, with more on the horizon. Look for our Ecodesign logo. Ecodesign Ready multifuel stoves are designed to burn at higher levels in the fire box. This greatly reduces the organic particals that are normally released from a pre Ecodesign Ready multifuel stove. This in turn significantly reduces the level of emissions from woodburning and has a positive impact on carbon reduction.

HETAS is a non profit organisation that approves biomass and solid fuel appliances. With HETAS approved stoves you can be assured that the appliance conforms to the UK building regulations in its use and installation. Our Broseley stoves are so efficient the majority bear the HETAS approval.

Gas and electric Broseley appliances carry a 12 month warranty which covers any manufacturing faults. It is important to note that a number of components in your stove are classed as consumable and therefore will need to be replaced from time to time. (Consumable parts include grates, firebricks and rope.) Glass does not carry any form of warranty, this is because the glass can only break through mechanical impact. Most multifuel and woodburning stoves come with a 5 year warranty.

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