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     Better make it Broseley...

Broseley is named after the village in the heart of England where their business was born nearly fifty years ago. It’s just across the historic Ironbridge over the Severn from Coalbrookdale where the 18th century ironmasters forged the Industrial Revolution – a fitting origin for a company that uses traditional skills and castings to craft stoves in stout cast iron that will stand the test of time.

They also stand the scientific tests required to meet the highest national and European standards of quality, safety and environmental performance. Broseley engineers make sure, using the latest analysers, calibrated fuels and instrumentation in their research and development laboratory. It’s here they design the stoves themselves and the innovative features that help make Broseley the UK’s favourite range of woodburning, electric and gas fuel stoves.

View our range of Broseley Woodburning, Multifuel, Gas and Electric Stoves and Fires

View our range of Broseley Woodburning, Multifuel, Gas and Electric Stoves and FiresThere is nothing you could add to your home that will make a more welcome difference than a BROSELEY STOVE

Just the sight of the shimmering embers and bright flames will make you especially glad to be home. Then feel the warmth filling the room, and relax in style. Your Broseley stove provides more than a cosy centrepiece to your living space. Fashioned in cast iron, it is an object of singular beauty in itself. Not only will it change your life, but fit in with your way of living. Whether your taste is contemporary, traditional or your own personal mixture; there’s a stove to match from the Broseley collection.

Nobody offers a wider choice of woodburning, electric or gas stoves exclusively in solid cast iron. Each type of fuel has its special advantages in terms of convenience, efficiency, environmental quality and natural character. What they share is cast iron’s timeless texture that enables your stove to make itself at home in town or country for generations. Visitors will comment - “You’ve got a stove” But you’ll know better than that. You’ve invested in a Broseley.

View our range of Broseley Woodburning, Multifuel, Gas and Electric Stoves and Fires

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Broseley Fires Limited
Knights Way, Battlefield Enterprise Park, Shrewsbury SY1 3AB United Kingdom

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Tel:  01743 461 444

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Broseley. For your way of living.

the woodburning way
What you see through the stove window is a natural fire and what you feel throughout the room is soft radiant heat from the cast iron. These stoves are the highest in heat output and green credentials in the Broseley range, and so efficient most are approved for use in Smoke Control Areas.

the electric way
The cast iron stove in its most convenient form – that’s the electric option. Summon up silent heat at the touch of a button; or simply enjoy the flickering, realistic fire effect for its own sake if the weather’s warm or the central heating is on. There’s no need for a flue. It can be installed instantly.

the gas fired way
The gas fired range of stoves combine ease of control with enough output to heat a room very effectively thanks to the cast iron construction and the efficiency of the burners. And those flames you see coaxing the coals or logs into a blaze – they’re real.

for the world out there

THE ENVIRONMENTAL CHOICE. That’s what you make when you burn wood in a Broseley woodburning stove - good for the planet as well as great for the home.

Not only is wood a renewable fuel, the CO2 which wood emits when it burns is balanced by the CO2 the tree has absorbed over its lifetime. This makes it carbon neutral. As conventional fuel costs continue to rise and environmental regulations tighten, your Broseley woodburning stove will become an asset of ever increasing value. That’s why as you relax in the rosy glow you can quietly pat yourself on the back for being both environmentally responsible and financially shrewd.

Broseley DEFRA Approved StovesThe big majority of us live in smoke control areas as defined by the Clean Air Acts. Here you can only use solid fuel heating appliances which have passed the tests set by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs, DEFRA. So efficiently do Broseley stoves convert wood into heat, the majority bare the Smoke Exempt Seal (SE).

Broseley gas fired stoves employ some of the most efficient gas engines in existence. We should know; we pioneered them. With a 5kW gas stove to heat a room there’s no need to keep the central heating on, minimising household fuel consumption. Electricity is clean energy. But unlike any other fuel it’s 100% efficient and you get the full benefit of every unit used.

Nothing stands for home as much as the hearth. It has always been so. The Romans had a word for it – focus. Your Broseley stove has a strength of character which draws people naturally together and tempts you to withdraw in well-deserved contentment.

The glass door of the stove presents an enticing flame picture in ever changing shades from deep red through orange to yellow - with the odd spark. If you think we’re just talking about woodburning stoves, you need to witness the authenticity of electric and gas effects for yourself.

The appeal is sensual as well as visual. If warmth deserves to be described as beautiful, it’s the kind which emanates from sturdy cast iron. This has a unique capacity to absorb heat from the fire within and radiate it gently from every surface evenly around the room. By comparison central heating feels unnatural. Both woodburning and gas fired stoves have this special power to satisfy.

...and your world in here

The pleasure of choosing...

Look There are a few things you really need to see at first hand and to touch in order to appreciate their true nature. A Broseley stove is one of them. That’s why we recommend a visit to a local showroom belonging to a member of the Broseley Authorised Stockist national network. Here you can have the pleasure of examining and comparing these pieces of technology, understand how they work and picture how agreeably they might fit in with your lifestyle.

Listen A cast iron stove is probably a world apart from anything else you’ve ever bought. That’s why it’s important to get expert advice on which model is suitable for your home. Stoves range in power up to 10kW. A pre-sales visit will verify what’s right for the room you have in mind. You’ll also get to know the correct fuel to use, how to control its operation for warmth and economy and how to clean and care for your new prized possession.

Fit Both woodburning and gas fired stoves require a flue. It could be an existing chimney. But certain stoves are capable of being fitted against an outside wall. Installation is a specialist business. That’s why we recommend using a HETAS approved or Gas Safe engineer who will assess whether any changes are needed to your fireplace or chimney before installation. If you want your stove to be up and running instantly, consider going electric. A socket is all you really need.

Relax Real flames bestowing a cosy ambience, but with over three times the heating efficiency of an open fire – that’s the difference a Broseley woodburning or gas fired stove makes to a room. An electric stove will provide back-up warmth, and you can delight in the flame picture by itself. So what are you waiting for? Gather round.

Enter a world of living warmth the woodburning way

GENEROUS, WELCOMING, ROMANTIC, AND BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED – you’re sold on the dream of a life with a BROSELEY woodburning stove.

But how easy are they to run and live with? Operation is simple. A control regulates the air flowing through a front vent into the fire chamber. Open it to summon up a blaze. When you’re happy with the room temperature, you can close it to achieve any level of burn, down to a glimmering smoulder.

The secret of its efficiency is a system of ducts that direct different airflows around the interior. The primary air control directs air across the fire itself and around the back. The secondary air control above the glass sends down a pre-heated curtain of air to burn off any particles that could obscure the view. With this Airwash technology to keep it clean, you don’t have to bother to clean it yourself. That’s the brilliant part.

Most Broseley stoves are capable of burning either wood or smokeless fuel. Logs burn best on a flat surface, building up to a bed of embers, but smokeless fuel requires a current of air underneath. That’s achieved by operating a lever. Satisfied with the way these stoves perform? Now how will they look? Turn over and picture which of the collection will complement your lifestyle.

Broseley Stoves 5 Year WarrantyBroseley Woodburning & Multifuel stoves are supplied with a 5 year warranty on cast iron castings. Gas and Electric appliances carry a 12 month warranty which covers any manufacturing faults. It is important to note that a number of components in your stove are classed as consumable and therefore will need to be replaced from time to time (consumable parts include grates, firebricks and rope). Glass does not carry any form of warranty, this is because the glass can only break through mechanical impact.

Annual servicing and chimney sweeping is a must for gas and woodburning stoves to keep them in top working order. Only ever clean the surface of your stove when it is cold, using a soft brush. A slightly damp lint-free cloth can be used for stubborn stains but ensure surfaces are dried immediately. Your stove’s Metallic Black high temperature paint will lighten over time through natural ageing. You can re-paint or touch up your stove with a recommended paint.

View our range of Broseley Woodburning, Multifuel, Gas and Electric Stoves and Fires

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