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High Efficiency Gas Fires

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More Heat For Less Money! You could save 55% on your gas bills AND have 45% more heat by simply replacing your old gas fire with a high efficiency model. For instance, if you have an open fronted gas fire that is over 5 years old, it could be as little as 25% efficient, using as much as 9.45kW of energy to generate only 2.4kW of heat, with the rest of the heat going straight up your chimney!

Our very latest gas fires, including glass fronted convector gas fires and traditionally styled outset gas fires have significantly improved efficiencies with an average rating of 86% (only 4.1kW of gas being used to put 3.5kW of heat into the room the fire is in). This means that by upgrading your old open fronted gas fire to a high efficiency glass fronted fire, you can save on average 57% on your gas fuel costs AND have 46% more heat!

We often get asked what makes a gas fire 'high efficiency'. Customers who come into our showroom often think that appliances that feature a glass-front will provide less heat as the glass will restrict the heat entering the room. The hottest part of a fire is the gasses produced. To avoid any fumes spilling into the room on a open-fronted model, the flue outlet is large allowing both the fumes and a high percentage of the heat produced to go up into the chimney. When the fire features a glass-front, the fumes are unable to spill into the room so they can linger around the fire bed longer before going up the chimney. This results in the fire not having to use as much gas whilst not compromising on heat output. In fact, most high efficiency gas fires still offer a higher heat output than open-fronted appliances that use a lot more gas per hour.

Due to rising home energy prices, these types of models have become very popular. Around 5 years ago, most customers wanted a open, living flame fire and would not consider a glass-fronted fire. Now, approximately 80% of customers who come into our fireplace showroom in Manchester or buy online opt for a glass-fronted fire as they are looking for something that will offer a ambient feature but also help reduce their heating bills.

Manufacturers are now concentrating on efficiency. We expect laws to change within the next few years that gas fires that do not reach a certain energy efficiency level will not be allowed to be sold. Companies such as Flavel Fires, Verine and Legend have introduced a range of open-fronted models that have a deeper canopy so that the flue outlet can be more restricted without any compromise on the fires performance. These fires offer efficiency of around 75% but benefit from heat output of around 4.5kW.

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