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Aduro Stoves

Aduro Stove Brochure 2019Aduro make it easy to do it right
More than 300.000 stove owners throughout Europe have chosen Aduro to warm their homes. With elegant Scandinavian design and more than 25 models to suit your home (of which 14 are suitable for use in smokeless areas), you’ll be spoilt for choice. All Aduro stoves are designed with usability and sustainability in mind. The innovation of Aduro goes well beyond the stoves: Aduro listen to their customers to develop and enrich their range with new solutions to get the most out of your firewood.

Burn better and save your money thanks to the exclusive Aduro-tronic. For any kind of chimney, Aduro DraftOptimizer will improve the draft and make it easier to light up the stove. Their intelligent thermometer Aduro Smart Response brings the secret to a perfect combustion on your phone. With Aduro, the best technology for domestic heating is quite simply designed to make it easy to fire correctly and make the most of your wood burning stove. Rediscover the natural heat of firewood and let Aduro guide you in a world of INNOVATION, WARMTH and COMFORT.

First of all, they have made it easy to operate your stove, so that you do not have to adjust the airflow on your own. Secondly, you won't be burned by their friendly prices. The third reason, with all modesty, is made more than apparent by their range.

Aduro is a wood burning stove that combines innovative technology and environmental awareness with beautiful Scandinavian design. It is with their customers in mind that they strive to create stoves especially developed for different markets and its customer’s needs and to conceive products that speak to the longing for "a bonfire inside".

At Aduro they make it easy to do it right. Easy to choose a wood burning stove at the right price, easy to operate the stove and easy to fire correctly.

Aduro & the environment
Advanced combustion principles and a continuous effort to minimise impact on the environment are at the core of every Aduro wood burning stove. This is why their stoves are made to meet the world's most stringent environmental standards, including the Nordic Eco-Label.

The Nordic Eco-Label is your guarantee that the product is among the most environmentally friendly on the market, and that it meets high requirements on efficiency and clean combustion. All Aduro wood burning stoves exceed Nordic Eco-Label requirements and are among the very best in the world thanks to the low emissions and limited smoke output. This is something of which Aduro are very proud of.

Did you know?
All Aduro wood burning stoves are convection stoves, meaning they distribute heat with air circulation.

All Aduro wood burning stoves feature a highly effective air wash system to prevent soot from accumulating on the glass.

All Aduro wood burning stoves are Danish-designed.

Using a wood burning stove is CO2neutral.

5 Year Guarantee
Register your new Aduro wood burning stove within a month after purchase on www.adurofire.com and enjoy a free five year guarantee.

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