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Gas Fires to keep you warm this winter

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Gas Fires to keep you warm this winter
Nothing beats relaxing in front of dancing flames on a cold winter evening. A gas fire will provide your home with a lovely centerpiece and create a cosy atmosphere. Whilst gas fires used to focus more on form over function, with rising energy bills and government energy saving schemes required to meet certain criteria, gas fire manufacturers now produce models that operate extremely efficiently proving more heat combined with less gas consumption.

No matter what your style, whether you live in a country cottage or modern townhouse, there's a gas fire to suit. Combine with a fireplace surround or opt for a cutting-edge 'hole-in-the-wall' design and there's a gas fire that can provide plenty of heat whilst giving your home the wow factor! Even if your home doesn't have a chimney or flue, there are gas fires developed for installation on an external wall which vent the fumes horizontally to a terminal on the outside wall.

Inset gas fires
Often referred as 'living flame gas fires' this type of fire is typically a standard size designed to recess into a universal sized cut-out in a fireplace's back panel. You would normally combine an inset gas fire into a fireplace surround and hearth mounted at floor level. The fire is supplied with a trim around the sides and top and a separate 'fret' that sits on the hearth in front of the fire to cover the controls at the base. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, shallow depth inset gas fires are designed for Class 2 Pre-Cast and Prefabricated flues whilst deeper models are suited to installations into a conventional chimney.

Wall-mounted 'hole-in-the-wall' gas fires
Likely to appeal to those with more contemporary tastes, hole-in-the-wall gas fires benefit from not requiring a hearth protruding into the room as long as they are fitted a minimum height from floor level. This is great for smaller rooms as you don't lose any floor space. Mainly landscape in proportion with log effect fuel beds, this type of gas fire is mostly designed for recessing into a conventional chimney due to the depth of the appliance.

Gas Stoves
Real wood burning stoves have become extremely popular over recent years. They add charm and character to any home but with busy lifestyles, they may not suit everyone. Fitting a gas stove gives the same look but with the convenience of instant on/off and flame adjustment. Offered in a vast array of styles and sizes, being glass-fronted, gas stoves are very efficient and many have heat outputs capable of providing warmth to larger rooms or open plan living areas.

Balanced Flue gas fires
A balanced flue gas fire is a glass-fronted appliance which rather than the fumes produced by the combustion process going vertically up a flue, expels the fumes (and allows air into the fire) from a horizontal coaxial pipe though an external wall. Heating performance and efficiency are usually excellent on a balanced flue gas fire and again, a wide variety of styles are available to complement any setting.
Gas Fires to keep you warm this winter
Modern gas fires don't just look great, they are capable of providing warmth to your home extremely efficiently. If you spend most of your time in a main living room, heating the room with one of our high efficiency gas fires will be far more cost effective compared to using your central heating so here is a selection of popular gas fires to suit all tastes and budgets.