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Wood Burning Stove Reviews

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Wood Burning Stove ReviewsThere has been a massive increase in popularity of Wood Burning Stoves over the past few years. Rising energy prices and interior design trends have resulted in more customers looking for a new Wood Burning Stove or Multi-Fuel Stove for their home. Due to this popularity, there are now more models to choose from than ever before. Choosing the right stove for your home is essential to ensure you can enjoy the improved heating performance and efficiency that a Woodburner offers.

Cast-iron or Steel? Dedicated woodburning or multi-fuel? We have reviewed a selection of our most popular stoves which should appeal to all tastes and budgets. It is highly recommended that you purchase a stove from a reputable manufacturer that has a proven history in the stove market. As in most cases, you get what you pay for and this rule is no different for wood burning stoves. Ultimately, most people looking to purchase a new stove are looking for a way to reduce their heating bills whilst having controllability of the appliance.

Whichever stove you go for, HotPrice can offer a full range of flue components including flexible and twin-wall pipe and are happy to answer any questions you may have regarding particular models and installation queries.

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Wood Burning Stove 1

5 Star RatingCast Tec Norvik 5 Multi-Fuel Stove

A very popular stove in our showroom in Manchester, the Cast Tec Norvik 5 is a multi-fuel appliance allowing you to burn both wood, recommended solid fuels and peat. It is made from Cast Iron which takes longer to heat up than steel bodied stoves but retains the heat longer when the fire burns down - therefore acting like a radiator. One of the reasons this is such a popular stove in our showroom is due to the fact is has been passed by DEFRA (Department for Environmental, Food and Rural Affairs) allowing it to burn wood in smokeless areas.

The Norvik 5 is one of the lowest priced stoves on the market that has received DEFRA approval. It offers a 5kW heat output which is normally more than adequate for standard room sizes and the simple design of this stove mean it fit well into most interiors. Triple burn technology consisting of Primary Air Burn (control on door), Airwash Secondary Burn (above the door) and Tertiary Air (under the door) are also appealing features of this model.

Wood Burning Stove 2

5 Star Rating

Broseley Serrano 7 SE Multi-Fuel Stove

A 7kW output, Multi-Fuel Stove with DEFRA approval, the Serrano 7 SE is from Shropshire based Broseley Fires who have been manufacturing stoves which meet the highest standards from many years. All of the Broseley Stoves meets the requirements of European (C.E) approval.

Cast Iron construction and featuring a simple design with clear, wide viewing area, the Serrano 7 incorporates removable cast-iron firebricks and baffle for simple servicing and replacement. A pre-heated Airwash helps keep the glass window clean and this stove has a the optional of being flued from the top or from the back. Broseley stoves have a subtle metallic black finish and the design of this stove result in it being equally suited to both classical or contemporary fireplace settings. New for 2013, this model is now also offered with a log store base shown - HERE

Wood Burning Stove 3

5 Star Rating

Franco Belge Montfort Elegance Multi-Fuel Stove

A firm favourite with the HotPrice team is the Franco Belge Montfort Elegance. Franco Belge are know for their stylish stove designs which feature a large viewing window giving you a perfect view of the flames. This stove can be made suitable for burning wood in smokeless areas by adding the optional DEFRA smoke control kit. A vermiculite lined firebox gives this stove higher efficiency and also a brighter interior.

Whilst the standard matt black finish is very popular, this multi-fuel appliance is also offered in a selection of beautiful, enamelled finishes. All cast-iron construction allows for maximum heat transfer which retains the heat long after the fire has expired. As a multi-fuel appliance, the Montfort Elegance can normally be kept lit overnight using recommended solid fuels allowing you to wake up to a warm house!

Wood Burning Stove 4

5 Star Rating

Broseley Evolution 5 Woodburning Stove

A relatively new addition to the Broseley Fires range, the Evolution 5 is a contemporary styled, cast iron woodburner with huge viewing window and impressive efficiency. Gentle curved edges allow the mesmerising flames to take centre stage in this fabulous appliance. The 5kW heat output will be adequate for most standard room sizes and the stove is packed with features such as a powerful airwash system to ensure that glass viewing window stays clean.

With a efficiency rating of 85%, the Broseley Evolution boasts one of the highest efficiency ratings of any stove of this type. DEFRA approval allow you to use this stove in smokeless areas and there is a optional 'Deluxe' pack which upgrades the glass window with a sleek, black bottom plus a glass top. For a stand-alone feature, the Evolution 5 is also offered with a convenient, log store base.

Wood Burning Stove 5

5 Star Rating

Vermont Castings Defiant Wood Burning Stove

Anyone looking for a powerhouse of a stove, look no further than the fabulous, Vermont Castings Defiant Wood Burning Stove. Boasting a heat output of 16kW, the Defiant woodburner is more than capable of heating larger rooms. For over 35 years, Vermont Castings has been committed to providing beautiful stoves with iconic style and superior heating efficiency which are proudly made in the USA.

We often have enquiries from existing Vermont stove owners looking for replacement parts or accessories for stoves they've owned for over 20 years! A Vermont stove will become a major part of your home and the Defiant is one of the largest in their range. It is equipped with a 2 in 1 combustion system allowing you to choose between standard and catalytic operation.

Features we love on Vermont Castings stoves are the swing out ashpan making cleaning the stove so easy and standard loading through the front doors plus a top load system for convenient, smokeless loading. A top hotplate is perfect for boiling a kettle or you can add one of the Vermont Castings optional accessories such as a casserole pot for cooking!

Wood Burning Stove 6

5 Star Rating

Yeoman CL5 Wood Burning or Multi-Fuel Stove

The Yeoman CL5 is available as either a dedicated wood burning or multi-fuel model. If you are planning on solely burning wood in your new stove, a dedicated woodburner would operate more efficiently than a multi-fuel stove burning wood. The simple design of the Yeoman CL5 offers a fresh alternative to that standard stove 'look'.

With a impressive efficiency of 85%, it will provide a cost-effective way of heating your home and it also features the very latest technology such as Clean Burn and Airwash. There is a optional cast iron top to compliment the modern lines of this stove and with a heat output of 4.9kW, the CL5 does not require any additional ventilation in the room. A separate Smoke Control Kit is available if you live in a smokeless area and wish to burn wood. All Yeoman stoves are supplied with a 5 year warranty on the casting.

Wood Burning Stove 7

5 Star Rating

Dovre Astroline 4 Multi-Fuel Stove

A stylish option for contemporary interiors, the Dovre Astroline 4 is a free-standing, contemporary stove which features a sleek, curved glass door which provides unrestricted enjoyment of the flames plus the additional of side windows for a 180 degree view of the flames.

Steel bodied, the Astroline 4 has a heat output of up to an incredible 10kW making it ideal for larger, modern interiors. Stylish, anthracite finish and with the choice of a pedestal or wood store base, this is one of our favourite, contemporary stoves and it's easy to see why!

Wood Burning Stove 8

5 Star Rating

Aga Ludlow Multi-Fuel Stove

A extremely popular, cast-iron stove from a iconic brand. The Aga Ludlow offers a nominal heat output of 6.5kW which increases to a impressive 9.9kW when running at maximum capacity. As with all Aga stoves, the Ludlow benefits from a active Airwash system which ensures the glass stays clean and it's a stove that you can enjoy overnight burning when using the recommended solid fuels. The Aga Ludlow is simple in design and packed with the very latest woodburner technology. There is a 'SE' wood burning version of the Aga Ludlow also available for home-owners living in smokeless areas - HERE

Wood Burning Stove 9

5 Star Rating

ACR Earlswood Multi-Fuel Stove

The Earlswood multifuel stove has a energy efficiency rating of 78% and features one of the largest glass windows on a stove of this size. The Earlswood is manufactured from a combination of both steel and cast-iron to give strength and efficient heat back into the room. Supplied with a 5 year warranty on it's casting, this popular stove is suitable to burn wood in smokeless areas due to DEFRA approval. Packed with features you would expect on a high quality appliance such as a powerful Airwash system, it can accept logs up to 310mm in length. New for 2013, the Earlswood is now also available with a convenient Log Store base - HERE

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Wood Burning Stove Reviews
There has been a massive increase in popularity of Wood Burning Stoves over the past few years. Rising energy prices and interior design trends have resulted in more customers looking for a new Wood Burning Stove or Multi-Fuel Stove for their home.