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Gas Fire Reviews

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Gas Fire Reviews

It's easy to become bewildered by all the gas fires available on the market today. Are you looking for a replacement gas fire for your existing fireplace? Do you need a fire for heat or just aesthetics? Does your home have the adequate flue for the gas fire you like? The guide below aims to offer assistance in your pursuit to find the perfect gas fire. We have selected our top ten models which is sure to include appliances to suit all tastes and budgets.

Invest in the right fire and you will enjoy many years of warming ambience. Go for one of the new breeds of high efficiency gas fires and it will provide a cost-effective solution in heating your living room. Take a look at the gas fires below and we welcome any questions you may have in ensuring that the fire you choose will be suitable for you.

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Gas Fire 1

Verine Orbis HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

The Verine Orbis HE is a glass-fronted, high efficiency gas fire ideally suited to a full, Class 1 flue (real chimney). With a full depth fuel bed, the Orbis HE has the option of choosing a large selection of trims & frets in various finishes such as brass, chrome or black so you can create a look which will suit your fireplace and interior perfectly. The main advantage of a high efficiency gas fire is that they will use less gas whilst still providing a high heat output. This model boasts a 4kW heat output with an amazing 89% net efficiency! It is the ideal replacement to an old, open-fronted living flame fire that is likely to be losing up to 50% of it's heat up the chimney. The Orbis HE also has the option to upgrade to a convenient slide control or even a hand-held remote control which is fully sequential so it lights the pilot light as well as giving you full control of the flame height.

Gas Fire 2

Gazco E-Box Gas Fire (Stockton Fascia Model)

The Gazco E-Box gas fire is synonymous for being a high-quality, glass fronted gas fire which offers a superb flame picture. Shown here with the Stockton cast fascia, the E-Box is a versatile appliance which also has the option to be combined with numerous trims, frets or fascias in the Gazco range. With a manual control as standard, the E-Box can be upgraded to one of Gazco's plug-in remote control systems. Ideally suited to a Class 1 chimney, the E-Box gas fire can also be fitted into a Pre-Fabricated (5") flue and there is a optional spacer which will allow the fire to be fitted into shallower Pre-Cast flues. Available with either a coal or pebble fuel effect, the Gazco E-Box offers a heat output of 3.8kW with 76% efficiency.

Gas Fire 3

Verine Marcello Balanced Flue Gas Fire

One of the very few wall mounted, balanced flue gas fires that can be fitted on a flat wall without the need to inset. The Verine Marcello balanced flue gas fire has been extremely popular for many years. Whilst most other wall mounted balanced flue gas fires require you to build a false wall into your room to accommodate the depth, the Verine Marcello is a ´hang-on-the-wall´ gas fireplace and can be fitted on to any exterior wall. There is the option to inset this model into the wall cavity for a ´flush´ look by using the optional wall plate. Due to most new build properties not having a chimney or flue, the Verine Marcello is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a 'hole-on-the-wall' gas fireplace that doesn't require any additional building work to accommodate the appliance depth.

Gas Fire 4

Crystal Fires Super Heatrave Gas Fire

This open-fronted gas fire offers an impressive 3.9kW heat output and is offered with a vast array of options including trim, fret & fuel bed. An ideal companion for any modern fireplace, the contemporary version of the Crystal Super Heatrave gas fire is a popular choice with gas fitters due to its straight forward installation and superb reliability. The full Crystal Fires product range include a choice of inset gas fires in ultra-slim, slimline and full depth with fascia & trim options in brass, chrome or brushed steel. Crystal Fires are manufactured in Liverpool and their range includes gas fires with various depths ensuring there is a model suitable for all flue types. They are all offered with a choice of fuel effects including coal, pebble and driftwood.

Gas Fire 5

Gazco Studio Gas Fireplace

One of the most well known 'hole-in-the-wall' gas fires. The Gazco Studio gas fireplace is available in 3 versions. An open-fronted model, a high efficiency, glass-fronted model and a balanced flue model for homes without a chimney or flue. The open-fronted and balanced flue models are offered in Studio 1, Studio 2 or Studio 3 sizes. The conventional flue, glass-fronted model is only available in Studio 1 or Studio 2 sizes. You can choose a minimalist, frameless finish by going for the Studio Edge model or combine with one of the Gazco's trims or a Gazco fascia frame. The Studio gas fire has the added benefit of allowing you to choose the interior finish - black, cream or brick-effect. The open-fronted model is suitable to install below a television due to its lower heat output whilst the glass-fronted and balanced flue model offer impressive heat outputs.

Gas Fire 8

Verine Vertex XL Gas Fire

This hole-in-the-wall gas fireplace offers ultra-cool, contemporary styling and utilises the very latest in gas fire technology. The Verine Vertex XL is operated by fully sequential remote control and is offered with a large selection of fuel effects such as logs & pebbles. Like other open-fronted gas fireplaces, the Vertex produces decorative heat only so would not be suitable for anyone looking for a fire to heat their room. This does however, mean it´s a extremely popular choice with customers looking for a gas fire to install a flat screen television above. Other wall-mounted models in Verine's range include the Atina which is basically a smaller version of the Vertex, the Verine Fontana HE which is a glass-fronted, high efficiency fire and the Verine Meridian which offers a portrait option similar to the kind of gas fires normally found in Europe.

Gas Fire 7

Flavel Caress Plus Gas Fire

A new addition to inset gas fires is the 'Plus' range of open-fronted fires from Flavel. Available on a selection of Flavel fires but shown here on the popular Caress model, the Plus models feature a deeper canopy which allows the flue outlet to be more restricted than on a standard open-fronted fire. This results in improved efficiency and heat output. The 4.4kW output on the Flavel Caress Plus will be more than adequate for most room sizes and with all Flavel fires, this model is supplied with a 3 year manufacturers warranty. You have the choice of 2 fret options (contemporary or traditional) and a polished cast or polished brass finish. A popular feature of the Caress is the gentle, curved top trim.

Gas Fire 11

Verine Alpena Balanced Flue Gas Fire

This versatile, Balanced Flue Gas Fire boasts a vast array of trim & fret options to suit any interior. The Verine Alpena offers incredible performance and efficiency and is a extremely popular choice for homeowners without a chimney or flue. The standard model is operated by manual Piezo control plus there is an option to upgrade to fully sequential remote control which gives full control of the fire including on/off and flame height. This full depth gas fire is suitable to combine with most fireplaces with a standard opening and as with all Verine gas fires, the Alpena is backed by a 5 year manufacturers warranty as standard. One of the most appealing features of the Verine Alpena balanced flue is its superb 4.3kW heat output combined with a market leading net efficiency of up to 94%!

Gas Fire 9

Legend Evora HE High Efficiency Gas Fire

Legend Fires are a UK company offers a large range of gas fires featuring the very latest technology. The Legend Evora HE is their first high efficiency gas fire and has proved to be very popular. The Evora is glass-fronted gas fire that is available with wither a separate trim and fret or one of Legend Fires one-piece fascia frames. It also has the option to combine with a 4 sided fascia allowing you to fit the Evora gas fire raised up on the wall. This energy efficient model offers a heat output of up to 3.8kW and is operated by a manual control located at the bottom of the appliance. There is also a balanced flue model of this fire for homes without a chimney or flue.

Gas Fire 10

Gazco Logic HE Gas Fire (Designio Fascia)

A recent addition to the Gazco gas fire range, the Logic HE is a glass-fronted, inset gas fire available to combine with a large choice of fronts. Offered with a coal or contemporary white stone fuel effect, the Logic HE is shown here with the popular Designio fascia. This fascia option allows the fire to be fitted into a standard fireplace opening or raised up on the wall as a stand-alone feature. The balanced flue version of the Logic HE is similar to the Gazco E-Box but has a shallower depth meaning it is better suited to flat wall installations. The Logic HE is only available with a manual control and offers heat output up to 3.8kW with efficiency of 76%.

Gas Fire Reviews
It's easy to become bewildered by all the gas fires available on the market today. Are you looking for a replacement gas fire for your existing fireplace? Do you need a fire for heat or just aesthetics? Does your home have the adequate flue for the gas fire you like?