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British Fires New Forest 1200

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British Fires New Forest 1200
The huge increase in popularity of electric fires over recent years have resulted in manufacturers introducing some superb new models that boasts incredibly realistic flame effects almost indistinguishable from a real fire. With the unique benefit of being able to display the flames without any heat, electric fires are ideal for those looking to create a lovely focal point in their home which provides a glorious ambience that can be enjoyed all year round!

The New Forest 1200 is the first electric fire from British Fires which has proved to be a winner since its launch late 2019. Created using the very latest LED technology, it boasts an unbelievable, deep flame spreading across its panoramic glass front. The signature logs are crafted from high quality materials that perfectly form together and capture every detail you would expect to see in a log found whilst walking in the New Forest.

Established from British Fires base in Christchurch, Dorset their idea was to create a state-of-the-art electric fire that replicates the charm and character of a real flame. With their knowledge and experience within the fireplace industry, British Fires created the New Forest 1200 as their first model which we have fitted into our recently extended fireplace showroom in Manchester. Even in such a short space of time it has amazed visitors with its natural forest terrain of wood chippings and husk which add further character to the signature logs enabling the New Forest 1200 to deliver realism in it’s full potential.

The installation options with this versatile electric fire are endless. It is designed to be fitted against a flat wall and built around using stud work and plasterboard. Creating a 'false chimney breast' in a modern house can add character compared to just a standard rectangle room - especially if it is painted in a different colour or even tiled. It also provides a great solution if you want to fit your TV above and gives you the opportunity to conceal electric cables.

As a 1-sided fire, you will build out a stud wall in the room deep enough to accommodate the fires 300mm (11¾") depth. The fire is then recessed into the wall and plastered to the outer frame so that only the panoramic front face of the fire is on show. You can leave the fire as a frame-less feature or add slips in natural stone or marble to frame the fire like a piece of fine art!

New Forest 1200 1-Sided Electric Fire

For a striking corner installation, the New Forest 1200 can be fitted to either the left or right side of the stud wall and by removing one of the side blanking covers creates a beautiful, contemporary feature as often seen with high-end European gas fireplaces. Utilising one side of the fire as a key feature gives a unique style to the installation.

British Fires 2-Sided New Forest

Incorporating cutting edge Air Curtain Technology® which is built in to the concealed heater for added control of the heat whenever you need extra warmth in the room. Positioned at the top of the appliance, the 1.5kW fan heater draws in the air from the room which cycles through  the  channels  hidden  in  the  fire. A controlled heat then escapes the outlet of the fire.

For the ultimate flame view no matter where you sit in the room, fitting the New Forest 1200 as a 3-sided fire by removing both blanking side plates is at the height of fashion! You can be extra creative with the stud wall by making the plinth area wider than the top section, extending into alcoves, providing a convenient place to position TV's etc. Clad the top of the base plinth with natural stone or granite to enhance the look even further!

3-Sided New Forest 1200

The Air Curtain Technology® heater  system  is  thermostatically  controlled  using the remote handset and displays the setting on the LCD screen. Choose a temperature between 17°C and 27°C and the fire will do the work to heat the room up effectively to reach the desired temperature. During the warmer months or when you have your main source of heat on, you can still enjoy the charm and character of the dancing flames and glowing fuel bed without the heater being used.

British Fires Air Curtain Technology

To further enhance the fire, the British Fires New Forest 1200 is supplied with various fuel effect which let you create your own unique statement. The signature logs that are crafted from the rural New Forest in Hampshire sit comfortably on an underlay of wood chippings and husk which delivers a real earthy feel. Slate effect pieces can be added to the fuel bed to replicate burnt charcoal for extra realism. During the summer months or for those who want to achieve the ultra-modern look, glass chipping and stones referred to as 'Diamond Light'  offer a dynamic solution to show how light can enhance the visual aspect of a flame effect.
British Fires Fuel Effects

Sit back, relax and enjoy instant ambience letting the remote control handset do the work! The highly advanced remote control bridges the connection between you and the New Forest fire. Each button displays an icon that clearly identifies the function to engage with the fire and explore the features.

Open Window Detection
If there is a sudden drop in temperature of 5°C or more within a ten minute period, the heater will automatically turn off to preserve energy. Look out for the OP sign on the digital display to show this has been activated. The heater will start up  again  once  the  temperature in the room rises or you choose to manually turn it back on.

Down Lighting
Select to have the carefully placed spot lights  on  and see every detail of the fire. Turn them off and you will see how relaxing the fuel bed can really be.

Flame Control
Choose from the four settings to adjust the brightness of the flame to suit your mood. Watch the flames change brightness and height on the back screen.

Fuel Bed Colour Change
Cycle  through all of the three colours that each provide a unique style. Can’t decide... the cycle setting will flow through all the colours for you.

Daily and Weekly Timer
Set  the  fire  to  provide you with heat on any day throughout the week. The seven-day  programmable  calendar  will  remember your settings and will activate the thermostatic heater on each day and every week for when you need the New Forest fire the most.

Timer Boost
A range of settings between one and nine hours can be selected to turn the heater on for a desired length of time.

New Forest 1200 Remote Control

The New Forest is an amazing new fire which we proudly feature in our fireplace showroom in Manchester. We can offer a full installation service if required throughout the Greater Manchester and North Cheshire areas. Please contact our showroom directly at showroom@heatdepot.co.uk or call us to discuss further.
British Fires New Forest 1200
A brand new electric fire with truly spectacular flame visuals which take electric flames to the next level! The British Fires New Forest 1200 is a versatile model which allows you to install in a variety of configurations to create a stunning feature in your home.